The Hope For Our Environment, Economy and Energy Independence

Solar energy is the ultimate renewable resource.

Solar energy can be affordable.

Solar energy can be our number one source of electricity.

Solar energy can enable new jobs in growing industries.

Solar energy can lead us to energy independence.

A Truly Golden Opportunity

The Sun is our greatest natural resource. Energy from the Sun is renewable. It is reliably available. And it is plentiful. In fact, the Sun provides the Earth more energy in one hour than mankind uses in an entire year. There is just one problem, and it is a huge one. No one has come up with a truly cost effective way to harness that energy. Until now.

Ultra-Low Cost Solar

PV solar cost per kilowatt hour kwhr
Formed in 2009, eVjump Solar Inc. (pronounced “eee-vee jump”) is a company developing revolutionary ultra-low cost solar energy capture devices that will change the solar energy industry forever.

Why do we call them “solar energy capture devices?” Why not just solar cells? The answer: what we are developing is not exactly a solar cell in the traditional sense. And while it has some properties of a solar module, it is not one of those either.

Brand New Solar World

But it does efficiently capture energy from the Sun, and when we bring this device to market, it will completely change the solar energy world. The traditional definitions of solar cells, solar modules, Balance of System (BOS) and even Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) will need to be reassessed and possibly redefined. Users will be able to capture energy from the sun far cheaper than with today’s solar systems, and competitively with the cheapest forms of traditional energy sources.